About Us


Different, because we’re in business for a purpose higher than ourselves.  We chose the name Telos, which is Greek for “purpose” or “goal,” because we believe that through our work we can make a difference in the world. By partnering with merchants who share these convictions, we’re turning everyday buying and selling into a powerful fundraising tool for nonprofits around the world.

Telos is a different kind of credit
card payment processing


Telos makes it easy for conscientious merchants and consumers to become change agents.  Merchants simply choose Telos as their payment processor, and consumers simply shop where they see the Telos sticker on the door. No hoops to jump through, no strings attached; just a simple decision that costs you nothing.

We believe that our choices impact
the world around us.


We believe that business can work for the greater good as well as the bottom-line.

That’s why we give 50% of our earnings to nonprofit organizations important
to you, with no additional costs to you or your customers.


our story

My name is Wyatt Worden. After selling my share of a successful payment processing business in 2007, I accepted a position with an international nonprofit organization and, in 2010, I became the organization’s Director of Development.

During my tenure as a “professional fundraiser,” I became acutely aware of the difficulties facing nonprofits in obtaining consistent monthly support through traditional fundraising strategies. Frustrated by this unfortunate reality, I decided to merge my previous experience in business with my passion for fundraising – and the vision for Telos was born.

Over the course of the next 3 years, my wife and I worked tirelessly building relationships with some of the most experienced and trustworthy people in the industry. The result is Telos Payment Processing, a team of industry experts, all of whom share a desire to make a significant impact around the world by “processing with a purpose.”

Process with a purpose today!