Process with Purpose.

Process with Power.

Powerful payment processing combined with innovative fundraising. With Telos, every purchase is powerful.

Get a Processing Plan Tailored to Your Needs.

Whatever your industry or business size, Telos can help you choose the best payment processing plan for your needs — all while supporting the nonprofit of your choice at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Security

We work only with industry-leading payment processing companies and technology.

24/7 Support

Get an extra layer of customer support at no added cost.

Price Match Guarantee

We will beat or match your current rates.

Switching is Free and Easy

No service interruptions, cost increases, or cancellation fees.

Why us?

For starters, we give away 50% of our profit – that alone sets us apart.

However, giving away money is the easy part. Doing the job well and operating with transparency and integrity is how we truly separate ourselves from the competition. Don’t just take our word for it; check out our merchant testimonials here.

The process is simple:

  • If you currently accept credit cards, we will match your rate

  • If you don’t currently accept credit cards, we will set you up with a competitive rate and all the equipment you need to start processing

  • Either way, we start sending a check for 50% of the processing fees we receive (minus interchange costs) to your chosen charity every month

*Interchange costs are those assessed by the card brands and network parties. They usually make up about 70% of a typical merchant’s processing fees.

Powerful Partners

Telos gives you access to our industry-leading processing partners including First Data, Elavon, Vantiv, TSYS, and Clearent.

Together, these processors handle 85% of all card transactions globally, so you get the most efficient, secure, and reliable system available for your business. Leveraging these partnerships also means we can accommodate virtually any business need you have.

With Telos, you get the best of both worlds: the flexibility and security of working with the biggest players in payment processing, plus the personalized, friendly customer service of a small business. This combination is why we have a 100% satisfaction rating among our merchant members:

“If you have not already signed up with a processor for your credit card customers, you would be crazy to not use them. They will give you a great price, and they give back a large percentage of proceeds to a non profit of your choice.”  — Kim Raines, Mountain Colors Paint & Design, Inc.



Telos was founded in 2014 by Wyatt Worden, an entrepreneur with a background in merchant services and nonprofit development. After selling his share of a payment processing company in 2007, he became Director of Development for an international nonprofit. His diverse experience inspired him to create a way for businesses to sustainably support charitable works.

Telos exists to help merchants and consumers act as change agents. When you work with us, contributing to the greater good becomes part of your business model. You simply select a charity, continue to process cards as usual, and Telos gives 50% of our profits to that organization on your behalf.

Ask about our nonprofit partner program.



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