Telos is the Greek word for “purpose” or “goal”

We chose the name because our company seeks to make a difference in the world by empowering businesses to serve a higher purpose. In partnering with merchants who share this ethic, we transform everyday commerce into a powerful fundraising tool for nonprofits doing meaningful work around the world.

It started with a question.


Telos was founded by an entrepreneur with a background in merchant services and nonprofit development. After selling his share of a payment processing company in 2007, Telos founder, Wyatt Worden, became Director of Development for an international nonprofit. His diverse experience inspired him to create a way for businesses to sustainably support charitable works.


That’s when he asked himself:

Since payment processing fees are already a cost of doing business, how can they be put to better use?


The answer is Telos.


Telos helps merchants and consumers act as change agents. When you process with Telos, giving back becomes part of your business model. Eliminate up to 100% of your processing fees and allow consumers the opportunity to partner with you. You simply select a charity and Telos 50% of its profits to that organization on your behalf. Lower costs for you, and a higher purpose for all. 


Community-Driven Payment Processing.


Thank you for your purchase! A portion of your purchase goes to a nonprofit. 


* This is what consumers will see when they complete their transaction – a small fee and a big purpose behind every purchase. Best of all, we do it without burdening you with setup fees, cancellation fees, or additional reporting requirements. It’s just better business for the greater good. 


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