Lee Elementary School Foundation is receiving a monthly donation from Telos for the credit card processing of a company one of our parents own. It is likely the easiest donation source we have ever secured, and the amounts certainly exceeded our expectations. — Lee Elementary Foundation

Telos has allowed my business to support my favorite charities without even feeling the pinch of writing a check! I am donating money every month that I would have spent on credit card processing anyway. Also, their customer service is far better than we’ve ever had. We love Telos! — Julia Curry

We are fortunate to have crossed paths with such a great company. Our organization is comprised of volunteers across the United States and our mission is focused around the financial side of health and human services. Telos was mentioned to us by our webmaster and it didn’t take us long to figure out Telos was exactly the kind of company that we wanted to do business with! Telos not only provided us with great customer service through the initial process, but that same top-notch service has been provided throughout our working partnership. Additionally, Telos was able to offer us the best pricing and to top it all, donates 50% of the processing fees to a charity of our choice. There is no doubt that Telos is one of the best companies to partner with for credit card processing! — Jesse Bratton, National Association of State Human Services Finance Officers

If you have not already signed up with a processor for your cc customers you would be crazy to not use them. They will give you a great price, and they give back a large percentage of proceeds to a nonprofit of your choice. — Kim Raines, Mountain Colors Paint & Design, Inc.